Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From A Thankful Heart

So, I realize it's been a while since I updated this here blog.  So much has happened that I am not entirely sure where to start.  So I'm thinking it's time to make a list of things that have happened that I am beyond excited and grateful over.

*I was asked (and able) to "pinch hit" on background vocals at a gig with the incomparable and always wonderful Tenley Westbrook (you think I'm just saying that...totally not, she is tops).

*I found out that I will be an auntie again this spring...twice!  Yea for nieces and nephews!!

*The kids and I were able to go with my mom to visit relatives from The has literally been years since I have been able to go up there for a real visit and it was absolute heaven.  I loved seeing the family, and I can't tell you adequately the feeling of awe you get when you come the top of a hill and all you can see is field and trees and big, big seems like you can see forever.  Especially at sunset.  Oh, the sunsets!!!!

*I was invited to sing at a concert with Justin Havu, musical genius (again, you may think I'm kidding...not even close.  Totally brilliant) for a live (and I hear recorded for DVD) concert.  Way cool and way fun.  If and when it is released I will totally post the details.

*I got a new job!!!!  This one is HUGE.  Totally wasn't looking for it, but once again God is just beyond good.  It is four days a week, better pay and hours, at Great Works Chiropractic and Wellness.  Look us up on facebook or better yet if you live in Seacoast ME/NH come on in and say hi and check it out.  I love it, and it is affording me the opportunity to spend more time with the kids and also the time to (finally) get serious about writing and singing and all that.

I have one other big thing in the pipeline that I can't quite share yet...but since the other ones are so good, I just know you'll be keeping those eyes peeled for it!  :)