Thursday, May 9, 2013

He is Still God

If you read my blog last night, you know I went to bed with some stuff on my mind.  I just had to share that God woke me up this morning with a fresh revelation of who HE is, and that all the rest pales in comparison, and in the end, even though it may hurt in this present moment, will not matter.

HE IS gracious.
HE IS loving.
HE IS patient and kind
HE IS everlasting, and I can claim HIM as mine
HE IS the friend who never, ever leaves us
HE IS our shield and our defense when accusations come against us
HE IS faithful to the end

And because HE IS faithful to His promises, and I can rest peacefully there in His arms, knowing that even when all hell breaks loose, HE IS still God, and HE IS and always will be, good.

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